Blocks… Constructing walls, buildings and towers with blocks promotes both fine and gross motor development. It also encourages cooperative and dramatic play. Blocks offer many opportunities for children to construct and learn in areas such as mathematics, science, and art.

Dramatic Play… This is incorporated into the day to allow the children to invent, experience, recreate, and make sense of the world around them.

Circle Time… Stories, games, experiments and activities designed to support learning in an adult-led group format.

Music… Listen to music, create music with instruments, sing and dance, express yourself.

Science… We provide both natural and physical science materials for the children to experiment, explore and discover.

Sensory Play… Children learn directly through their senses. We strive to provide experiences that allow the children to discover the science behind mixing and experiencing the properties of many different materials like play dough, clay, water and sand.

Creative Art… We use scissors, glue, paint, pens, pastels, crayons, pencils, collage materials, and more. Concepts such as shape, size, pattern, texture and design are learned through these child directed open-ended experiences. These are visual and perceptual skills that they will use in all school subjects.

Outdoor Play… We spend 45 min. or more every day rain or shine.